What To Expect


Whether you are brand new to church or you’ve been around church for a while; we want to say welcome! Our goal is to create an environment and experience where you can encounter God in the midst of your life. 

Hear some short testimonies from some of our church members about WHCC!

During the Service

When you visit, we want you to be inspired by the music, encouraged by the message, and reminded that God loves you! Each service includes clear, practical, Bible teaching that applies to your life and engaging music and worship to recenter your heart on God. 

Out of respect for everyone, we are encouraging people to practice social distancing and recommend wearing masks.


We love kids. However, during this unique season we are postponing our children's classes until it is safe to continue. Children are welcome to join you in our 10:30 worship service. Children's segments are added to the Sunday service every couple of weeks. 


We encourage you to come in the way you feel most comfortable. You'll see everything from casual, business casual, and suits. 


We have reserved parking spaces for first time guests. Look for the "First Time Guest" signs. 


Our friendly greeters will be at the door waiting to greet you. They will assist you with any questions you have. 


We have ushers each service to help you find a seat for you and your family.